The Enchantment Of

Dance Kingdom

Why Should

I Choose DK?

You’ll be dancing in your first lesson – that’s
how quickly the magic can happen.  The DK Team are the most welcoming – you’ll feel
part of the place in no time. You’ll love the airconditioned first class facilities – we think they’re the best in Melbourne. Your lessons are just the beginning – the socials and events we offer you are amazing.

Who can

I learn from?

DK Dance Studio employs highly
skilled and experienced instructors who are passionate about dance and teaching. They have a wealth of knowledge to help get you dancing quickly and comfortably.  Improving your skills and achieving your goals are their priority.


Can I learn?

The easy answer to this question is everything from romantic Waltzes, tantalizing Tangos to cheeky Cha Chas and everything in between. The truth is, through dancing, you’ll discover more about yourself than you might expect. You’ll explore your determination to succeed, your willingness to persist even in the face of challenges, and your eagerness to take risks for the sake of great rewards.

How can dance

Change My life?

Dance can change your life in unexpected ways. It improves physical health, boosts confidence and self expression and creates a sense of community. It can help to relieve stress, provides a creative outlet, and helps you connect with others who share your passion. Through dance, you can challenge and push yourself beyond limits. Embrace it’s transformative power for a positive impact on your life.


Dance Kingdom

DK has been a fixture in Lilydale since 2007, boasting a rich legacy of imparting dance skills in Ballroom, Latin, and New Vogue styles.


& Courses

If you’re looking to get in shape, socialise, or simply have some fun, dancing is an excellent way for you to achieve these goals.



“Dancing with my partner on our wedding day was a beautiful moment that reflected the harmony and love we share, and will always hold a special place in my heart.”



Casual Group Session or
The Ballroom Club – $25 per person

Casual Dance Exercise class – $20 per person. 10 Session Dance Exercise Pass – $150 (valid for 3 months & only for Dance Exercise class)


& Events